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Monday, June 25, 2007

Gwen & Clint's Engagement Photos

Congrats to Gwen & Clint! We photographed their engagement session in Brooklyn, at the Promenade and on some side streets in that area. On the day of their photo shoot the weathermen warned that a storm was brewing. We continued to photograph because the skies were blue and the sun was shining.

We started off here on the Promenade which is where Clint proposed. They were so much fun, laughing and being such amazing subjects.

We love this cuddly photo.

It was here on this bench that he actually proposed.

The side streets are full of typical Brooklyn brownstones.

Here we stopped at a little park on the way to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Our final photo spot was going to be on the Brooklyn Bridge. Walking into the bridge suddenly there were gusts of wind like a tornado. Leaves and debris were flying. A biker rode by and said you guys don't wan't to be up there. So we turned and ran as the rain and the wind came down strong. It really was too dangerous to photograph because there was so much debris, we were choking on all the dust and protecting our eyes as we laughed hysterically at how weird this whole storm came about. Eric of course made everyone stop for at least one photo. Here they are holding onto eachother so they wouldn't get blown away.


  1. Beautiful couple, beautiful photos.

  2. Beautiful photos:) i adore B&W photographs..

  3. They are so CUTE and her hair is FEROSH!