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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cassie & Tomer's Wedding - Who invited Hana???

Hurricane Hana was the unwelcomed guest at Cassie & Tomer's wedding. How dare she crash this wedding! Cassie and Tomer and all the guests had such a wonderful time. There was no way that torrential downpours and gusting winds were going to rain on this parade!

They were supposed to have a beach ceremony and then following the ceremony the guests would walk together along with drummers to the tent reception. Instead, everything took place in the tent and it worked out beautifully!

Here is Cassie getting ready at her parent's beautiful house.

Their wedding had a Tibetan, colorful theme. Cassie and Tomer are world travelers, they met in India believe it or not and have been all over the world together.
This was the view from inside the tent, looking out onto the bay.
The guests began to arrive in full spirit.
The cutie-pie ring bearer.
Here is a shot of everyone waiting for the ceremony to begin. Notice the puddles at their feet. Nobody cared at all. Everyone just kicked off their shoes and had a good time.
The colors inside the tent turned out beautifully for the ceremony. Look how happy they are!

Once the rain subsided I was able to get the view from outside. Can you believe this red sky!
Dad giving his speech.
Cassie's mom was so wonderful!
I love this shot because one of those houses on the pier is Cassie's family home. You could see it right from the reception site.
When the chairs came out for the Hora I thought OH NO - because the floor was so slippery. But like I said earlier, this wedding was a blast and nothing could stop the party.
Wind, wind, and more wind! I love this shot!
And lastly, my favorite shot of the night!
Congratulations Cassie and Tomer. We are so happy that you chose us to photograph your wedding! We had such a great time - and seriously I can't believe your first dance song was This Must Be the Place. You know that's my favorite. You guys are so awesome! We hope you enjoyed your trip back to India and best of luck at the Weather Station! Thanks Again.

Brooke and Eric Lagstein
Be Creative Photography


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Amazing work- as usual, Guys! Keep rocking these weddings!!
    oh, the photo of the tents, and the red sky is unbelievable!

  2. what a fun couple!!! i love the first and last shot so much. you guys rock:)