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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy Bride and Groom = Happy Brooke and Eric

We received the most wonderful email from Cassie and Tomer this weekend. Their wedding was during HURRICANE HANA. It was soooooo much fun and definitely unforgettable. I always tell all of our couples that no matter what the weather or circumstances are - with the right attitude, everything works out.

We are so grateful for this email. It really made our day.

Brooke & Eric,

Finally got home, and lucky enough to have the most beautiful album I have ever seen waiting for us. It is truly awesome... and everyone in our family agrees. Looking back, with the horrible lighting and weather of our wedding day, it is really a blessing that we had you to document it... your expertise and fine attention helped the photos to come out beautifully despite the many challenges of the day and environment. Thank you. We wish you both continued success in the business, and especially with you new family.

With Gratitude,

Cassie Childers & Tomer Woelz

Here are some images of their album. They wanted something completely unique. No white in the album at all. And a totally different cover. Album design is always a collaboration and I am more than happy to work with anyone's creative ideas and to try something different. This cover is the Magic Mystery Glass cover.

One of my favorite spreads that really shows how horrendously wonderful the wind was.

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